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, representative from the sixteenth district of illinois, donald manzullo. >> mr. speaker, secretary clinton, mrs. bush, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, my family. i come before you today to humble the welcome a legendary human rights champion, aung san suu kyi, for a ceremony many of us never thought would happen. surely foreign affairs subcommittee asia pacific, up when my friend joe crowley worked to pass the gold medal in 2008, aung san suu kyi was serving her thirteenth year under house arrest incarcerated for exercising freedom of speech and daring to challenge a military and the. your presence here is nothing short of a miracle. patriots succeed because of miracles. the sound of freedom can never be silenced. is a testament to the incredible strength of your convictions and the depth of your aspirations for burma to achieve democracy. you have made the time to visit us during this momentous visit. aung san suu kyi is someone who needs no introduction because there are no words to adequately describe the sacrifice this woman has in toward for 15 years. we know the incredible sto
, as the age is raised for full eligibility and it harkens back to a proposal in the clinton health reform era of allowing people as young as 60 or maybe even 55 at one point to buy in at the full actuarial cost of the program. any reaction to that? >> it makes much less sense given the passage of the affordable care act. the issue that had been dealt with previously is because there are individuals who for whatever reason no longer have other sources of insurance coverage in their pre medicare years, would it be ok to let them buy in and subsidize to b medicare pool, but we don't need to do that because you have the affordable care act which will make insurance by medicaid or the exchanges available in a group setting and you can think about tactically doing it but it doesn't make a lot of sense. >> totally agree and my first reaction is such up proposal in today's context would make those individuals were soft, brought over to the medicare program, the same set of subsidies for those individuals through the exchange. >> which is where the question was going. if you bring over the same level
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2